Friday Create Along

Ok first order of business is picking the lucky giveaway winner! Aaaaannnnd it’s Lee! Congrats Lee, Cristina has your info and will contact you. Have fun getting all pretty.

Next up is the addmission that I’m not done my camera pouch yet. I was on the second to last step last night and I can’t get the project to reach my needle! The arm part of my machine is just a touch too long for the project to slide up so I can stitch it. I tried as best as I could but when I turned it righside out there’s spots where the stitching didn’t catch all the layers. I’m going to check with some neighbours to see if their machine’s have shorter arm pieces and I’ll be able to slip the pouch on. I choose the small pattern, guess I shouldn’t have! Reveal coming soon.

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  1. Could you sew it without putting it over the arm of your machine? When I’m sewing really small things, I’ll sew it all on top of the machine arm. Hrm, that’s hard to explain… So, imagine your piece is on your machine, over the arm. Keeping the orientation the same, slide if off the arm, bring the part that was under the arm up to your needle. So you’d start sewing on the part that was under the arm. You have to go slower then, to make sure you aren’t getting parts caught in that shouldn’t be. I can send photos if I’m not being clear. Good luck! I can’t wait to see your camera pouch. I’ve bought the pattern and look forward to making it myself.

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