Stuffed magazine

Apparently, not only has this publication been around for a while, but it’s only published twice (?) a year. But I have to tell you it’s the cutest magazine, full of such eye candy.

I had one in my hand during one of my cross border expeditions but I passed on actually purchasing it. I regret that now. It’s hard to find now since it’s published in January, and I’ve found it once here in Canada and it was $15 which just sort of breaks my brain and I can’t part with all that money for it.

I did find a download for a bit cheaper online, well I think it was $10 so not *that* remarkably cheaper.

I tried to be a cheater pants and take screen shots of parts of it but they seem to be onto that sneaky trick. You’ll just have to trust me it’s a super fun magazine. Find a copy and flip through it.

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  1. I have ONE copy myself that I treated myself with…it is a bit steep in price. I always keep my eyes open at second hand bookshops in hopes of finding some well loved, dog eared copies for much less. I’m thinking it’s only twice a year and we deserve to treat ourselves :)

  2. yay! i love this magazine! i think i bought the 2nd one. it’s relatively new. i have a couple others – but ya, it’s hard to find! and also $$… i didn’t know there was an online version… :)

  3. The online version is quite older, and they only have the one edition available. Don’t seem to have the current ones digital yet, which is a shame.

  4. Yes, it is a bit pricey, but isn’t full of ads which is nice. I’m not sure what you have in Canada, but in the US, I like to purchase it either at Barnes & Noble or Joann Crafts, and both of these stores offer coupons quite frequently.

  5. Oh, how I wished that I had spoken to you more today. I likely have a few issues kicking around. Bizzy Bs paper arts store on Bloor near High Park carries them and has back issues for half price ( or 40% off).

  6. Yes. I too drool over this publication. I have yet to buy one. I think, 5 more bucks and I can have a book. I just may cave next time I see one. It’s been a while since I’ve bought a magazine.

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