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Another WIP gets finished.

I finished this bag a little bit ago. It’s made with a Michelle Patterns pattern. My best friend started it when I started my own bag, we were working together. But then she left it here and so I went ahead and finished it.

It’s great fabric and the colour combination is really nice, yellow and grey, love it.

It was a fun quick project to finish and it was nice to put a smile on her face by pulling out her finished bag. Isn’t the blingy button great?

Friday Find! Keyka Lou (bracelet bag in progress)

Thanks to finding Blue Calla I have now found Keyka Lou, which is where she gets her patterns. Downloaded the bracelet bag pattern the other night with my friend, figuring we’d make it together. But then of course I’ve gotten ahead of things and cut it out already. Too excited to try a new project!

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Just debating the button choice, I’m leaning towards the brown wood one. Any opinions?