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I’d like to call this post ‘what it is vs what I use it for’

Way back I made an eye pillow. It’s all full of flax seed and some nice smelly lavender. I thought I might use it here and there on my eyes, that’s what people do right? Savour the smell, relax and have some quiet thoughts.

What do I actually use it for?

I put my iPhone on it at night so that when it vibrates with email or a text or an early morning phone call it doesn’t sound like a jackhammer on my night stand.

Now what I intended it to be but hey, at least it’s getting used on a daily basis!

DIY Scrapbusting eye pillow project.

Now that everyone has their lovely scrap swap bits I figured it was time to start sharing some scrapbusting ideas.  I made these fun little eye pillows over the weekend.  For one I used my pre-swap scraps that are all cut into 2 x 2 pieces.  For the other I pieced together 5 2 x 4 pieces.  Either way the math is the same and the finished pillows are the same size, perfect for laying across your eyes and having a quiet moment to yourself.

Here’s what you need.  I suppose you could use some other smelly scent but I like lavender and so I just broke open this drawer smelly thing I had and used the bits from inside.

I joined the pieces together and then cut a piece of batting for the back and did some accent quilting.  Then I cut a piece of my nice soft natural cotton for the back.  With right sided together I zipped around and left a little opening to pour in the filling.

I fashioned a little funnel out of paper and poured in flaxseed and lavender until the pillow was full but still floppy enough to curve nicely over my nose.  The last step is sewing up the opening, and voila you have a relaxation aid!

I created a Flickr group where you can post things you’ve made with odds and ends of fabric.  If you make something using one of my tutorials I’d love to see it there.