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My art wall.

Ok I think it’s done . . . for now. Here’s some close ups.

#1 from Lisah
#2 & 5 from the lovely Jenny, an original hoop I won (yes won!!) from her 365 project and a print available in her Etsy shop.
#3 from Coucousalut
#4 bought from from Elsie herself at Renegade Chicago a few years back.

#1 Bought at a craft show, sorry about the glare. It says “When I get sad, I just stop being sad and be awesome instead” Thank you Barney Stinson.
#2 freebie from an Etsy event, made by 1canoe2
#3 print from ninjandninj
#4 another from from Jenny’s Etsy shop.

#1 From Julie her stuff is great, sadly her shop is empty right now.
#2 I don’t remember at all, bought in Ottawa at a craft show many, many years ago.
#3 Cub and Cabin on Etsy.
#4 Laura Jean‘s amazing work. I even picked more up yesterday from her.

#1 Julie again.
#2 Light and Paper
#3 Happy Town USA
#4 Made by my best friend. Says “Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle, because sparkle” Based on this and something funny my son said.
#5 One of two great prints I picked up at Make It Indie last year from Christine Benson
#6 Mittens by Katie Muth

I had another plan for the wall that my headboard is against but I started on the mission and realized it wasn’t going to work out as planned. I’ll have to rethink that one for now and make a new plan.

City of Craft fun.

On Saturday I headed into Toronto and volunteered at the City of Craft. If you happened to come to the event I was frantically trying to stamp hands and click that little people counter thingie at the same time. They give away swag bags to the first 100 people on Saturday morning. The doors opened at 11:00 and the bags were gone in about 5 minutes, seriously.

After my shift I wandered around the show and found these lovely ladies Have and Hold Design who were running a fun photobooth. Everyone seemed to be going in with a friend and getting super silly so I was a little hesitant at doing it but I was talked into it. That’s the fun shot they took.

I also picked up this great mitten lino print, I seem to be addicted to buying art lately. It’s by Katie Muth.

I regret not buying this one too.

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