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Pocketed pillow, mark it with a C!

More Style School inspiration, well actually the bonus project this time. Decided to make it a gift for my soon to be married friend. Luckily both their last names start with a C so the pillow works now and after the happy day!

pocketed pillow

I used Leaves Vine Stripe, from the Apple fabric by Alice Kennedy.  It’s available from Timeless Treasures.   Or, be like me and get yours on Etsy.  The back panel and the pocket are just dark chocolately brown cotton fabric.  I got the doily from the thrift store and I had the cute little button kicking around.

Prom Dress Makeover

I love my mom, but she made me an ugly prom dress. She worked really hard on it, it’s well made but it’s also a hideous colour and fabric. I don’t know if she was trying to save money but I hope that fabric was the last little bit left in the bottom of some crazy sale bin so no one else had to wear something made out of it!

one step in, sequins sewn on

one step in, sequins sewn on

So I’m not sure why I even have it around anymore, I remembered it was stuffed in a box, yes since 1994! My sons and I have some halloween parties to go to so I dragged it out to transform it into a costume. I’m going to be . . . . the tooth fairy!!!

flashy T for Tooth Fairy

flashy T for toothfairy

Since the dress was here it’s been a pretty cheap project – sequins $1, tule $2.49 (-25% thanks to my fabricland card), magic wand $1.50, wings $8.98, crown $1.50, and bright pink wig $8.99. Defiantly, will need a finished picture posted!

hem with sequins, tulle and felt appliqué molars

hem with sequins, tulle and felt applique molars