Ok, I got the most amazing scraps in one of my scrap swap packages. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome the pieces were and how great they fit with the fun fabrics I love! Not to mention she threw in some fun stuff left over from when she ran a Japanese store online.

Here’s some eye candy.

Some of these Japanese prints are amazing! I don’t know if I can bring myself to cut them up and actually sew with them.

This one is great but I’m totally baffled on what it’s about. Must be another strange Japanese fairy tale, seems to be a lot of people on fire in those.

Anyhow, I’m smitten with the contents of this package. And remember to store your strawberries in a DRAY place.

4 Responses to Wheee!

  1. A walking slice of bread! Brilliant! :) Those fabrics are terrific. Score for you.

  2. Love them all, especially the toast face!

  3. I have to have that pink piece with the donkey playing drums! Those are the Bremen Musicians, where Mike grew up!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad you like that stuff! It seems like so much more than what I sent when all spread out and photographed. I bought a lot of that fabric through some Etsy shops. The Bremen Musician fabric was purchased from http://jojoebi.etsy.com. That cross-stitch fabric is from a vintage apron that I found at a yard sale. A lot of the fabric was stained or ripped, but I pulled a few good pieces from it, some of which went into a picnic blanket.

    And thank you so much for my batch of goodies! I’m going to use a few of them to make more tiny pillows for my son’s stuffed toys. He’s taken the pin cushion you sent and lets his Snoopy doll sleep on it at night!

    Thanks so much for the swap! It was fun to go through my stash and remember what I have in my own bag of scraps!

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