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Boy do I love Moo!

The first time I ordered from MOO it was for free business cards with an offer they had on Etsy. So I got 50 beautiful business cards for free. I loved the quality of them, they felt great and the picture quality was amazing! The second time I ordered with them I was heading to my first craft show and wanted some minicards to use as price tag type things. I let my order sit in my browser for ages and when I finally got to actually finalizing the order. When the confirmation email arrived it said the cards would be here Monday the blahblahth. My show was on the Saturday. In a panic I sent an email and asked if they could do anything to help, or could I upgrade to the express shipping. They replied quickly and bumped my shipping to the fastest one at no additional charge!

About a week ago I ordered another pack on mini MOOs late at night, it was nearly midnight. When I woke up the next morning I had the MOOsletter in my inbox with a special offer in it for free shipping on mini MOOs. I groaned and sent an email asking if there was anyway to apply the discount code to my order since it was only placed a few hours before. They hooked me up with a quick reply and a refund! So I love MOO.

Today there was an offer for MOO stickers at 35% off. I’ve been thinking of ways to brighten up my packaging for shipping and these will be perfect for that, as well as sticking on my plain brown paper bags I use at ‘in person’ shows! I’m so excited. Above are the images I used, you can upload a ton of images, 1 for each sticker if you wanted. Otherwise it just does the math and figured out how many of each image you’ll receive. So I put MOO in the super cool category and wanted to share.

Promo code is PEFC7Q and the offer for 35% off stickers is on until October 31st.

Me and MOO!

I ordered mini Moo cards a while back and love them. They’re great quality and such a novel little size that they stand out when you give them to people. But with the recent offer for free business cards I decided to try those too. So my mini Moos turned into tags for my items, there’s even room to write/sticker a price on as well if I so desire.

My free business cards came the other day.  Only cost $7 for the shipping, it was a super deal!