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Boy do I love Moo!

The first time I ordered from MOO it was for free business cards with an offer they had on Etsy. So I got 50 beautiful business cards for free. I loved the quality of them, they felt great and the picture quality was amazing! The second time I ordered with them I was heading to my first craft show and wanted some minicards to use as price tag type things. I let my order sit in my browser for ages and when I finally got to actually finalizing the order. When the confirmation email arrived it said the cards would be here Monday the blahblahth. My show was on the Saturday. In a panic I sent an email and asked if they could do anything to help, or could I upgrade to the express shipping. They replied quickly and bumped my shipping to the fastest one at no additional charge!

About a week ago I ordered another pack on mini MOOs late at night, it was nearly midnight. When I woke up the next morning I had the MOOsletter in my inbox with a special offer in it for free shipping on mini MOOs. I groaned and sent an email asking if there was anyway to apply the discount code to my order since it was only placed a few hours before. They hooked me up with a quick reply and a refund! So I love MOO.

Today there was an offer for MOO stickers at 35% off. I’ve been thinking of ways to brighten up my packaging for shipping and these will be perfect for that, as well as sticking on my plain brown paper bags I use at ‘in person’ shows! I’m so excited. Above are the images I used, you can upload a ton of images, 1 for each sticker if you wanted. Otherwise it just does the math and figured out how many of each image you’ll receive. So I put MOO in the super cool category and wanted to share.

Promo code is PEFC7Q and the offer for 35% off stickers is on until October 31st.

Friday Find – Vista Print!

Last month I was at a rather dead craft show and got talking to a lady a few tables down and she saw my Moo cards and started showing me all her cards and said she gets her things printed at Vista Print.  If you go and sign up to receive their email newsletters (the privacy policy says they don’t share the list) you get chances for some awesome deals.  The site has a drop down with oodles of countries listed but I was being my Canadian self of course. I figured I’d actually give it a try, but I love my Moo cards so when I got a Vista email about tons of FREE products I gave it a go.  All I had to pay was shipping so I decided to get a small banner, which is actually pretty big, because then I can have something hanging at my table at future shows.

The banner seems huge! It’s 90.2 x 50.8 cm (sorry for being metric) and I stuck with the really simple one figuring I can add my own grommets and such. It seems really durable and would be great for indoor or outdoor use, I even got it wet on my kitchen counter and no harm done!

Just to be silly, as though I’m some sort of big rock star, I also picked up a small car magnet!  Here it is stuck on my fridge for now.  It says to stick it to a clean car . . . my van is so not clean right now! This is the small magnet and it’s about 28 cm x 21 cm.

I chose the ‘slow’ shipping option, trying to keep my costs down, which they describe as 21 days.  I placed my order on the 11th, it was shipped the 22nd and arrived on the 24th!  So not bad at all for all that fun stuff for only $10-ish.
The site is really easy to use, I found it got a bit wonky with the images I was uploading but had I paid attention to the requirements and pre-organized myself a bit better it might have gone more smoothly. You can also keep projects ready to go in a ‘portfolio’ and go back later to finish up. Once you’ve created something you’d like to order there is a bit of clicking to get through before you actually finalize. They try to upsell more things with crazy deals. But a few extra clicks and an email here and there are totally worth it, in my opinion, for the products you get! I sent one of the emails onto my hubby a few weeks ago and he came home and said, ‘why are you sending me spam?’ then today when he walked in and saw my stuff he was pretty impressed. So there you have it FREE Vista Print = a good thing!

Me and MOO!

I ordered mini Moo cards a while back and love them. They’re great quality and such a novel little size that they stand out when you give them to people. But with the recent offer for free business cards I decided to try those too. So my mini Moos turned into tags for my items, there’s even room to write/sticker a price on as well if I so desire.

My free business cards came the other day.  Only cost $7 for the shipping, it was a super deal!