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This is Wilbur.

I picked him up on the weekend from the booth beside me, Pidpenky. He’s super cute. He sits on my dresser and makes me smile as I walk into my room. Yeah I’m 37 and bought a stuffed bunny. But how could I not!?

Yep, cute little button.

Here are some of his friends I had a hard time leaving behind.



Another bunny friend

After posting about this button and getting all the comments on the orange bunny button I had to stop in The Paper Place while we were downtown in Toronto and replace the one I used.

Once again no clue what I’ll use it for but it’s so adorable, so I spent almost $4 on a single button.

Oh and I picked up pieces of these awesome ribbons.

Hippity Hoppity

Here’s a peek at the bunnies I made for my little bunnies.

They’re really easy to make so there’s still time to make one for the somebunny special in your life.

You can get the pattern here.

Crafts for my boys.

Last week I pulled some late-nighters finishing some things for the boys.  I finally got to making them rag quilts. Nate’s is all Lightening McQueen fabrics and Wesley’s is this funky loud pirate print. Hrm, guess there should be a photo here. Too lazy right now.

I also made them some cute little bunnies using this pattern.  I haven’t been able to take pictures of the ones I created yet because they’re hiding in the basement until Easter.

Aaaannnd I made Nate this cute little backpack using Made by Rae‘s pattern. Because I can never just make a pattern the way it’s written I had to get a little more complicated and I added some fleece to the inside to give the bag some more stability.  I used a cotton print so it was pretty flimsy, she recommends a heavier fabric, I didn’t listen. I added a little pocket to the outside too, for change or his library card, I don’t know it’s just a fun detail.

I’ve also been trying to use what I have on hand and not buy more stuff.  So instead of piping I used bias tape and positioned it just so.  I love how it turned out.  Nate loves to leave with a backpack when I walk them across the street to the sitters.  Guess he wants to be like his  goes-to-school big brother!