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Thanks to some linky love from Mollie over at Wild Olive I’ve found some new blogs floating around the net.  Here’s something awesome I stumbled upon the other day over at the Quilted Cupcake.  Isn’t it so fun?!

I just might have to ‘transform’ my Singer now.  It’s my ‘juice pouch’ sewing machine now that I have a fancy pants Babylock.  Might be fun to dress it up a bit.

Clock make over.

Here’s my finished clock, sorry for the glare.  However, there are some issues with it *sigh*  I painted it with chalkboard paint that doesn’t seem to be acting very chalkboardy.  In certain light you can see the erased writing, somehow it’s still marking the clock.  Also, I used painters tape to cover the hands while I sprayed the clock, it didn’t seem wise to try and remove them and the clock wasn’t cooperating so I left them.  In peeling off the tape the hands got unhappy.  By unhappy I mean they actually popped off and I had to stick them back on.   They seem wobbily now.  I didn’t put a battery in yet but I doubt it will keep time properly.  When I tried to move the hands to figure out the button positioning it seemed to be placing the hours a little uneven and wonky.  I stuck the buttons on with large glue dots.

It’s still nice to look at though.  Maybe I’ll just have it say ‘time to craft’ forever.

My first tote!!!

Ok, well it’s not quite finished yet but I’m crazy excited about what I have so far!!

Tote number 1

I have a bag/tote addiction.  Which is sort of crazy since I hate carrying purses, but since growing up (or at least reaching an age where I *look* grown up) I’ve started carrying something with me.  Well that and having kids, now I’ve got to have things with me even if I have the diaper bag! Etsy was an addiction for a little bit, I absolutely love this lady’s bags.  I own 3 of her bags, 1 was even custom made for me, I feel so special. I try not to check her site too often, I just want it all!!

I’ve become inspired by her style and started to design my own bags.  This is the first one I’ve actually got to sewing.  I’ve got a stash of fabric I’ve been collecting for almost a year. The teal coloured pocket is actually a dishcloth I found on clearance. The strap I have set aside was a thrift store find, currently it’s a belt but that will change. There’s a panel on the back with 2 pockets, lined in a different colour even!   I’m so proud.  Perhaps tonight I’ll have a chance to sew the lining.   Fingers crossed, I might even get to put the strap on and sew it together!