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DIY fabric covered wooden brooch

One of my goals is to accessorize more and while I have bought a few things here and there I figured I should also make my own pretty things.

You will need:
– a scrap of fabric
– a wooden cut out
– glue gun
– pin back
– scissors
– Modge Podge or white glue

Trace your wood shape on the wrong side of your fabric. If you have a special part of the pattern you want to capture make sure you’ve placed it in the right place.

Spread Modge Podge on the wooden piece. Cut out the fabric and place it on.

Plug in your glue gun and add your pin back with a little blob of hot glue. You may need to trim excess fabric from places with small scissors or an exacto knife.

Next have someone around to take a finished photo for you because propping a camera up on items and hoping for a good shot is very hit and miss.

You get the idea.

Mid New Year’s resolution!

Here I was earlier this month worried about what cake I could make my hubby for his birthday to top the over 150 000 hits the image of his cake got last year! All I had to do was make a pillow apparently. So I pledge to end up posting something fun to the wonderful internet each year that will get oodles and oodles of hits.

I’ve accomplished my mission for 2010. Now I’ll just make fun stuff for the rest of this year and worry about 2011 in January. Here’s my latest creation. It makes me giggle.

Oh I’m not sure I’ll have a Friday find. I’ve been caught off guard this week and haven’t really had time to think/search the web.