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Spoonflower win!

I tried it again and had success!

I learned from my mistake and played with the official Spoonflower colour palette and waiting impatiently for the package to arrive. I just darkened the pink honeycomb design and played around making a grey one.

Once I really figure out this Photoshop thing I might be in trouble placing more fabric orders.

My Spoonflower fail

First off hello to all the new people from Wild Olive! Take a look around. I felt the need to post my last post, not remembering it was giveaway day, usually I’m much more bright and cheery. So pardon the inspiring deep thoughts. On to some fun?

Note: These aren’t terrible pictures, honest, keep reading.

I love Spoonflower, the idea is so great and all the lovely creations are even greater. While clicking around the last time I was there I got to thinking, ‘hey I can probably do this!’. So I uploaded a square of my blog background design, the pink honeycombs. I thought it would be really neat to make something using that. See the lovely pink honeycomb print on the fabric? . . . . Yeah, me either.

Guess there’s still some things I have to learn about graphics. I did go back and played around with some of the settings and I think I’ve successfully darkened it. The test swatch will tell me. Hurry up snail mail!

Where’s SewTara?

Ok I have some linky love to share.

The lovely Janee has done a little interrogation post all about me, complete with bed head photo.  And of course there’s a giveaway involved as well.  So head over and enter before Friday!

If you’re a creative blogger, or have just been reading creative blogs for a while you probably already saw Scoutie Girl’s interview with Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest but I wanted to point it out. It’s full of some great backstory on the growth of Freckled Nest and ideas if you’re on a mission to grow your own crafty empire. My favourite part was this behind the scenes photo in the interview, LA hard at work shooting my blog banner!

Amy has re-emerged with a fun new site, Amy is the party.  She’s featuring guest posts all this week.  It’s all summer themed to get you all geared up for some summery fun.  My DIY post will be up Saturday.

Annnnnnd I had a bit of a brain wave and wandered over to Spoonflower and turned my block background image into some fabric!  I’ve ordered a test swatch to see how it goes.  It’s hard to tell from the image on the screen just how it will look in person.  Very excited to get it!


Super cute kawaii contest.

Over at Spoonflower they’re having a kawaii fabric contest.  The wonderful Wild Olive has her fun bacon fabric in the race for first place.

Since I already own some it’s a given I like that one but here are a few of my other favs.  Click images to be whisked away to the listings.  Head on over to see all the entries and vote for the one you like best.

They’re all sooooo cute!  Wish I had a room just for fabric collecting!