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Found treasure.

I took the kids for a big walk the other day, it was so nice and unseasonably warm.  It was recycling day and we passed a pile at the curb and Wesley noticed a Little Tykes easel sitting there.  Nothing was wrong with it, other than being covered with paint and crayons, and he started talking about it and walked over to it, and of course he asked if he could have it.  He was so excited about it I figured why not.  I wonder how much useful stuff ends up in landfills? I knocked on the door to ask the people if I could leave it in their driveway and come back for it with the van but no one was home.  So there I was walking home carrying a big bright coloured easel under my arm while pushing a sit and stand stroller with 2 kids in it!

I got it home and cleaned it up and was inspired to make Wesley a smock for all the dirty painting and colouring he’s going to do.  Essentially it’s just a big bib.  However, I did add the challenge of making it reversible (although my husband said if it’s for painting why would you want to reverse it)  and I decided to add an appliqué design.  Here’s the sort of tutorial.

Things I learned:
– Bias on very curvy bits is not fun. In future I’ll just sew right sides together, turn and top stitch. While it looks really nice it cost more and was finicky.
– I should have sewn the ‘back’ pieces to the front piece a the beginning. I did them separately and then had to worry about the bias and edges lining up properly. I also had to cover the hem on the inside.
– The patterned side is already pretty busy. Next time the appliqué should go on the solid side to dress it up a bit.
– Despite all that, I’m pretty awesome.

Foray into appliqué

I’ve wanted to make my kids some T-shirts for a while. While on a Joann’s shopping trip I found some really cute iron ons and was eager to try them. I had two plain 3T shirts and used one of the iron ons. It worked really nicely, went on well, however, my son wore it once, I hand washed it (as directed) and noticed the lines breaking and I have little faith that the design is going to last. So, going with, ‘if you want something done right do it yourself’, I’ve decided to create them myself.

I kept it simple the first time, I’ve never done appliqué, so I went with an easy simple shape and put a bright tie on the shirt. I used Steam a Seam and it worked like magic! I’m glad I explained to the lady at Fabricland what I intended to do, otherwise I would have bought the wrong thing entirely. It was really simple to work with and even requires no sewing, if you feel so inclined, apparently edges will not fray or separate. I did stitch around the tie for some extra detail.

Prom Dress Makeover

I love my mom, but she made me an ugly prom dress. She worked really hard on it, it’s well made but it’s also a hideous colour and fabric. I don’t know if she was trying to save money but I hope that fabric was the last little bit left in the bottom of some crazy sale bin so no one else had to wear something made out of it!

one step in, sequins sewn on

one step in, sequins sewn on

So I’m not sure why I even have it around anymore, I remembered it was stuffed in a box, yes since 1994! My sons and I have some halloween parties to go to so I dragged it out to transform it into a costume. I’m going to be . . . . the tooth fairy!!!

flashy T for Tooth Fairy

flashy T for toothfairy

Since the dress was here it’s been a pretty cheap project – sequins $1, tule $2.49 (-25% thanks to my fabricland card), magic wand $1.50, wings $8.98, crown $1.50, and bright pink wig $8.99. Defiantly, will need a finished picture posted!

hem with sequins, tulle and felt appliqué molars

hem with sequins, tulle and felt applique molars