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Double Rainbow geekery and a shop update.

I’ve got waaaaay too many ideas right now for the amount of hours that are in a day! I can’t keep up. But I’m trying really, really hard.
Of course that means staying up silly late after the kids are in bed to finish things. Last night I managed to tidy up the ends of a few projects and today I actually accomplished listing them in my store even! I feel like I done good. Here’s some of the things I listed.

My double rainbow pillow.

Little Red tea bag holder/cozy

Very Cherry clutch

Tea Time tea bag holder/cozy

Hoping to get another idea or two out of my head tonight!

The rocking factor of my bff.

Oh it’s high let me tell you! She ordered some fabric from poppyseed fabrics on etsy and said a surprise was coming for me too. It finally arrived and today for our Tuesday night together she brought it out. It’s some beautiful Michael Miller prints. She ordered enough to make the Keyka Lou bag and some fat quarters.

These ones are for me *little happy dance*  Trees AND giraffes, I love it.

Now to find something I can make with them.

Friday Find! Keyka Lou (bracelet bag in progress)

Thanks to finding Blue Calla I have now found Keyka Lou, which is where she gets her patterns. Downloaded the bracelet bag pattern the other night with my friend, figuring we’d make it together. But then of course I’ve gotten ahead of things and cut it out already. Too excited to try a new project!

Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Just debating the button choice, I’m leaning towards the brown wood one. Any opinions?