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Stocking swap goodies!

Wheeeee!! I recieved my wonderful package of goodies from my stocking swap buddy on Friday.  Strangely enough, it’s not the first time I’ve swapped with the lovely Amy.  We’ve randomly sent each other packages before. We keep taking the same online classes and courses. So I just laughed when I saw we were paired together again.

She sent me so much fun stuff, here’s a glimpse, starting with this super fun necklace she made.

Then I got these cute frames.

Some fun bits and pieces of fabric.

AAAAAAnd all this fun stuff too!!

Amy you rock! Sorry I’ve been a bad swap friend and sent my stuff late. Don’t worry it’ll be awesome too.

Fun stuff from Renegade Craft Fair.

Ok, once again taking far to long for this but here’s some of the fun stuff I picked up in Chicago at the craft fair.

This beautiful necklace is from Isette. I thought it was perfect, especially for a teacher.

These sticker by Hello Wars is awesome! I had a hard time choosing just one. Then I remembered I only had a spot for one on my lappy. Decision made.

I got a fun grab bag from Reuse First full of paper crafts and fun things made from scavenged papers.

I got this awesome card from Kate Funk. It was hard to decide she has quite the fun selection.

I LOVE this one too.

I also got this fun shirt for my hubby.