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Happy, happy mail.

Not only did some great books arrive for me the other day, medicine and my bff showed up with some fun stickers for me but I also got a surprise get well gift from my best yet to be met online friend Mollie.


Look at how fun she is?! She even drew a signature Mollie smiley face on the ankle!


I already have a plan for making something fun based on this project.


I cracked the code

Well sort of. I have this fun Japanese sewing book.

I gave one of the patterns a shot, I figured it was simple enough, but I managed it!

I even had to do some tricky math to scale the pattern because my hardware was a different size from what the pattern called for . . . well I think it was.

I used my fun hippo fabric I’ve had lying around for a while with a scrap swap piece on the inside. I’m super happy with how it turned out.

I’m not sure about how I handled the openings where the snap frame slides in but it works and looks good. Time to try another pattern.

Crafty British imports part 2

Behold the other fun little book I ordered from waaaaaaay over there!

Now for the ridiculous part (aside from ordering it overseas and then having my Mother In Law carry it all the way here) is that I can’t knit. But I totally plan to learn now. I mean how cute are these?!

Good thing I work in a profession that is mostly women. I’m sure I can bribe someone at work to teach me the ropes!

Crafty British imports part 1

A little while ago I stumbled upon some really fun looking craft books I wanted to order.  For some crazy reason I couldn’t find them here but I did stumble across them on Amazon UK.  Lucky me my in-laws live just outside of London right now and so I ordered and had them pile them into their ‘returning home for a Christmas visit’ luggage!

This first one is absolutely PACKED with information.  I’ve only flipped through it once so far, and the kids were around so it wasn’t exactly a ‘deep’ reading but I love it!  It’s called The Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam of U-Handbag and has a forward by Amy Butler.  I have to admit, despite my newfound love of creating bags, I had no idea about her site.  It is also fabulous just like her book! Sadly it seems the book won’t be available this side of the pond for another month or two so hope you can wait (or have a British connection).

I *must* make this one, it’s like a grown up messenger/laptop/purse/bag/awesome thingie.  I need it.  The instructions are fantastic in this book and it really explains in detail how to use all sorts of fun hardware that really enhance the appearence and functionality of the bags.  Some of the things I don’t even know the names for, so I guess the book will help greatly!

Here’s another glimpse inside.  The fabric choices are fantastic too!  I think I might have to make another tea and go curl up with this book again.

Lisa also has a section of free tips on her site if you’re in need of some info or if you’d like to preview her informative and entertaining writing before you rush off to try and get your hands on a copy of this gem!