DIY clipboard snazziness

You will need some scissors, an exacto knife or some sort of precise cutting instrument, some shelving/contact paper, a cutting mat helps annnd a clipboard!  My clipboards are little mini ones I picked up for 99 cents each at Value Village.

Remove any stickers or labels from your clipboards before you start.  I left the price tag on my first attempt and there’s a faint outline of the price tag.  Measure your clipboard or just do what I did and lay it on the contact paper and cut out a piece big enough to cover it.

Cut the piece out and starting at one of the bottom corners stick the contact paper on and work across the clipboard making sure there are no bubbles or bumps.



It has been a ridiculously busy week in my house. It’s literally taken me about 5 days to write this post. Which is sad since there’s hardly any writing!

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  1. Nice! I love this tutorial Tara! I’ll definitely have to share it on my blog very soon:)

  2. This is so cool! I have some cute patterened contact paper lying around, so I’ve gotta get to it. haha.

  3. thanks for sharing this wonderful DIY. i also do DIYs and maybe you like to visit my blog.

    greetings from germany

  4. now u know I love this cuz it looks so much like vintage fabric.. ohhh this is fabulous! love love love!

  5. This is AWESOME! I needed this a few months ago when I attempted to tackle this DIY without any know-how. It ended with me being covered in glue gun remains & my clipboard looking like it got put through a shredder. (so not the look I was going for!).
    I am going to re-attempt it now, using your tips! thanks :)

  6. so funny! I have a set of 2 vintage full sized clipboards w/ the same contact paper! I bought them on etsy last year. & I also have the same vintage bed linens (orange/yellow) as in your head band tutorial.
    looking at your blog i was like… this all looks so familiar.

  7. Posting photos takes way longer than typing anyways. Your clip board turned out beautiful! I’m definitely going to try one soon! Thanks for sharing :)


  8. I raided your closet ;)

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  10. What a neat idea! Thanks for the tutorial. :)

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