So I broke my ankle.

You may remember I joined roller derby a while ago. And I love it. I’ve found a fun way to be active, push myself, make friends and play a sport. It’s been amazing! It was a great first date idea to go watch derby which turned into both of us signing up for Fresh Meat (me as a player, him as a ref) and then it grew from there (both our derby involvement and our relationship).


It took me two tries through Fresh Meat, which is the boot camp to learn all the ins and outs of derby, to pass my minimum requirement testing but then I was set to play full contact. It’s so much fun, even with the bumps and bruises.


That’s me in the sunglasses with the black and yellow striped panty on my helmet.


That’s me with my purple helmet, complete with roller skating pony on the back, and my sparkly shirt with my derby name ‘Stitches’ on it.

Our league takes a break for December and then we were back at it in January. We started our Monday night practices, had a scrimmage a then the Tuesday night practice was also open to every one so I decided to go. Turns out I should have stayed home since ended up creating a random crazy thing and while turning and pivoting I twisted and went down, but my foot didn’t and next thing I know I was hearing noises from inside myself I know we shouldn’t hear. Then I was on the ground and not moving.


There are my before and after xrays. The ER doctors reset my 2 fractures and sent me on my way saying they were pretty confident I wouldn’t need surgery. We left the hospital at 2:30 am and I was to go back for 8:30 am. Leaving so early after so little sleep, on pain meds, naseaus and using crtutches on my porch for the first time I slipped and banged my foot on the way out and undid all the lovely resetting the nice doctors had done. So a trip that was supposed to be for a nice new cast instead turned into more xrays and being put on a surgery list. I had to wait at home for 2 days before I was called for surgery.

Now I have a nice little plate in there, 3 screws (I was told 4 but looks like 3) and a giant Darth Vader like air cast boot that I can remove but I’m still unable to bear weight on my foot. It’s all crutches and borrowed wheelchair for me.


This has been a really hard time. It’s been nice to have my kitty cuddle me, time with my kids, some pretty cool gifts (that’s DJ Glitter the My Little Pony my best friend and I built at Build A Bear) I’d trade it all for a good ankle. I can finally see and wash my leg now when I take it out of the air cast, that’s a picture of the *good* side (the other side is pretty gross).

There are more pics on my Instagram should you wish to follow me there.

Well now that I’ve filled everyone in on that little bit of evilness going on in my life I’ll move on to other fun things like all the creating, thinking, reading and other things I’m doing while stuck on my bum around my house!

Giveaway Day!


Win a scrappy wallet, made by me!
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Publishing and published!

Well here I am again. Decided to come back to writing on this blog thing I created, back in 2009. Spring is here, things are emerging again, new growth, it’s time for me to join in on all that fun. So let’s start with some fun news I was recently published in a book.


First off I’m in this lovely little book with my friend Mollie. We created a neat little library tote project combining sewing and embroidery.


Book’s with Mollie’s signature cute little faces!


Secondly, I also contributed to this book that was published a little bit ago. My fun little travel car cozy and playmat was included.


It’s so nice to contribute to things that get people creating and making stuff.
Also kind of neat to see your name in print!

Successful crochet project!

Finished *this* project!


While taking a ‘it’s ok it’ll work out let’s get calm’ break from my rag rug I whipped up this cowl.
I just chain stitched 45 stitches and single crocheted in them all the way around and around and around until I ran out of the skein. Which, luckily, turned out to be a perfect size.


Tinkertote madness!

I swear I am in complete and utter love of this technique and making more of these beautiful creations of Tara Rebman’s Quilt-As-You-Go: Patchwork Bags


I love using up my scraps, making them work together or just throwing whatever with whatever and seeing how it goes.


That’s how I’ve pieced the scrappy wallets I make and I love how they turn out with so many bright colours and patterns.


They look absolutely fantastic if you go the extra mile and make your own bias tape. It is time consuming and a bit finicky but the results are great.


Hand stitching the second side of the tape on is the best way to go. Keeps it really nice and tidy. But beware! Thimble recommended.


Guess How Much I Love Sharing the Love?

Years ago one of my earliest blog posts was all about my son Nate’s nursery. I had lucked out on a warehouse clean out after contacting the publisher and I bought a bunch of Guess How Much I Love you themed stuff that seemed to be part of the very hard last to find things out there.

Pardon the evil pictures, as I said early post.
While wandering at the Spring One of a Kind Craft Show a booth caught my eye, Country Clothesline. Not only were her items pretty, she used words like me ‘vintagey’ and she somehow had some Guess How Much I Love You fabric in her items and stash!


She’s got a pillowcase and another and quilt.


I used to get emails often asking me where my stuff was and what I was keeping and could people purchase it. I eventually went through it and parted with that I was willing to pass on to another mother.

Rag rug still in progress.

Here’s how it all started!


Since I’ve been chronicling the progress of my rag rug on my Facebook Page and Instagram but here are some of the pics all put together.  It’s nearly done so there will be one last “KABOOM! lookit it’s all finished” pic coming soon.  There are instructions around online but I used  Creativebug’s class.


I’m not a great crocheter, as illustrated by my attempt at an ‘apple cozy’ years ago.

not an apple cozy 2

This project is great and goes quickly once you’ve got your fabric ready to go. But you’ll need some muscles for tearing up sheets or lengths of fabric. They look pretty neat all balled up.


I had a really hard time getting my rug to lay properly. I struggled with it curling up, then being warbly and I’ve sort of been making my own pattern up as I go. Laying the rug down here and there to see how it falls. And I’ve been writing down what I do on each round so that *if* I do have to do some ‘reverse crochet’ I’ll know where I left off.


Happy Easter weekend!

Hope you’re all having a lovely long weekend with your loved ones!

easter treat stand

Yummy Pumpkin Cake.

Here’s an amazing pumpkin cake recipe I’ve been making for years. It’s an easy one and is so great for cooler days, usually fall but hey I’m just a touch late to the party. It’d be yummy for the holidays too!

Here’s what you’ll need to gather up,

Dry stuffs
3 cups flour
2 cups granulated sugar
1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice *buy it or better yet, make it*
1 tbsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

Wet stuffs
4 large eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
15 ounces (a touch under 2 cups) of pumpkin puree
2 tsp vanilla extract

3/4 cup icing sugar
1 1/2 tbsp lemon

Mix the dry stuffs in a big bowl.

Mix the wet stuffs in another bowl and then add the dry to the wet and mix it all up.

The recipe calls for using a bundt cake pan, I suppose you could use another kind but I have no idea how that would effect the baking time. Plus it looks really cool from a bundt pan, honest. So you need to grease up the pan somehow, I use butter and smear it around the pan with a paper towel.

Pour in the batter and level it out a bit.

Bake at 375F for 55-60 minutes. When it seems done bring it out and let it cool in the pan for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes flip it over and hope that it pops right out in one nice piece. It’s going to need to cool a bit more, about 15 minutes, so use this time to make the icing.

Take the icing sugar and add the lemon juice to it. When I first made this it seemed like such a strange combo but it’s really great paired with the cake.

Now here’s something I’ve learned making this over and over – if you’re going to serve it right away go ahead and drizzle the icing on top of the cake and let it run down and look all Martha Stewart and gorgeous for a minute before everyone devours it. If you’re taking it somewhere or just eating it at home with your family and it’s going to take days – keep the icing on the side and just drizzle it on each piece. I find it will soak into the cake and get it all soggy if you let it sit too long. Trust me, the presentation is still great even if you do it piece by piece.

A new addiction.

Mid July I was taken to watch roller derby for the first time. I was smitten.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 10.30.58 PM

Then I did something sort of kinda crazy, I signed up for roller derby fresh meat camp and I invested in my first pair of roller skates.  Before then I’d been on roller skates a grand total of two times I think. So it’s been an interesting 2+ months.

roller derby me

There’s me on my skates for the first-ish time. Petrified out of my mind. So afraid to fall (which is crazy with all that gear on, you really can’t get ‘hurt’ just going down on your gear). Didn’t know how to stop, too scared to really *go*. Looking back now it’s pretty silly.

derby tara

In the 10 weeks I learned a whole lot! I can do a bunch of things I never thought I’d be able to master, especially at 39 and in a few weeks. I also have a lot of things to improve on and look forward to doing so!

I’ve even cleared my living room out to practice balance and foot work when I couldn’t get out.

derby living room me

There were some bumps along the way for sure. But the outfits are fun and it’s a good workout.

derby outfit bruise

If you live sorta of kinda close to me check out Durham Region Roller Derby it’s a thing and it’s really awesome to watch or participate in and it’s allll over so you can find it near you too.