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Small business reading.

Ok so as I’m writing this post about all the craft business books I have piled up to read, physical and eformat, what do I do? Wander off to read an Etsy article and end up buying this! I’m insane. I’m like a craft book hoarder. Someone else please tell me you have this problem too.

Ok so here are some of what’s in my stash and hopefully I can get through them this summer and start implementing all my great learnings in the fall.

I have read Creative Inc, however I read it in my KOBO app and made notes there and since my app died on me a few times I’ve lost those notes. So a re-read is in order.

I’ve also read Handmade Marketplace, but I forget all the wisdom. Sheesh, for a teacher I’m apparently a terrible reader and retainer . . .

Mom Inc is a great read, I’m about half way through when a shiny object distracted me. What I like about this book is that it’s written by 2 Canadian ladies and since often it’s US authors writing small business books there’s entire parts that just don’t apply, mostly financial bits. It’s nice to read things from my own country since getting supplies and shipping costs and financials are so different from country to country.

Craft Business Handbook is yet another book I carry around in my bag and might maybe sort of look at from time to time . . . kinda. This book is written by a UK author but so far I haven’t found that too much info doesn’t apply.

Crafty Superstar is in progress . . . yeah I have a lot of those.

Mollie wrote about this book so of course it’s on my wish list now.

I know I’ve already got my work cut out for me here but if you know of a book I’ve missed, small business of creative type stuff, please leave a comment! Also, if you’ve actually finished any of these and have anything review-like to say you can do that too.

If anyone has this please find a way to share!

Well today my Martha appearance aired. My friend from all events Etsy, Amy of TinyGiraffe, says we were in the first 20 minutes quite a few times.

Here’s my professional shot from the end of the show. It’s posted on the Martha Stewart site. I’m hoping they get everyone’s picture up, I really wanted to check everyone out.

We watched a How To by this lovely lady and we were given her book along with some materials to give it a try.

Pretty pretties

‘Mother’s Day Wishes’ by sewtara

Accessories I’m loving right now.

















Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Handmade full wall.

Sunday morning I was the last one down stairs. I could hear hubby making breakfast with the kids and I woke up with a mission. I don’t even have a before image to share, it was that embarassing, I used to have a HUGE pile of unread books on my nightstand. I’ve converted to reading ebooks on my iPad so those books have sat there untouched for over a year. So I went on a mission to clean up and beautify my corner of the room.

I sorted the books into our yard sale pile and a keep pile. Then I wrote down all the titles of the books and made a pledge that I’ll either read them over the summer or buy the ebook and get rid of the physical book. I found them a happy new home, on a bookshelf.

Then I filled the wall space up with my growing collection of handmade art. My glorious Lucky Jackson winnings. This great personalized paining by Lisah and a fun wall hanging from CoucouSalut.

I’ve still got my beautiful print by Laura Jean on the other wall but I have to get some other things framed before it will be complete. I love the way Laura distresses frames and has them all whitewashed, I’m going to frame my other pieces to match.

My winnings.

I got an exciting package the other day! I instagrammed (is that a word?) it right away, pardon my straight from the classroom hungry for lunch look.

You may have heard/seen that I won a wonderful embroidery hoop from Lucky Jackson. I choose this wonderful one. I’m not a roller derby gal but it’s super fun.

I honestly have to get working on turning a large part of the wall space in our living room into a handmade art gallery . . .

Hey girl

So usually my hubby knows all the goofy memes going around before I do, since he spends all day at a computer.  Last night I had the pleasure of filling him in on the Handmade Ryan Gosling site, which apparently is based on the plan Ryan Gosling memes that say “Hey girl” and aren’t about handmade items, which is based on some other silly meme . . . . Yeah whatever.  If you make things yourself, sell stuff at craft shows, have an online shop these pictures will be funny to you.

Plus, I’d never really noticed before but sometimes Ryan Gosling isn’t too bad to look at either.

Having sat at tables at craft fairs this one made me chuckle.

Multiple trips to the post office lately and convos/emails about shipping status makes me appreciate this one.

And this one’s just great, I wonder if Mr Gosling knows what baker’s twine is . . .


Stand still will ya!

Taking photos of my kids is challenging. They *never* stop moving. Well one might, but good luck getting them both still! Here’s some shots of Wesley’s costume, complete with sequin covered ‘hose’ and Nate’s Old Navy knock off costume.

I made Nate’s entire costume out of things on hand. A fact that is both impressive and kinda hoarder-like. It was ridiculously simple. I just cut a big rectangle, took a hole out of it, cut 2 hoodie pieces, assembled them and then stitched them to the hole. It was like a big poncho type things. Then I decorated the belly and added the elastic to gather up the bottom. I’m pretty impressed with myself (you’d figure I’d be over that shocking “Wow I’m pretty craft!” phase by now)

Hope you had a great Halloween!

Happy Giveaway Day! CLOSED

In the spirit of Giveaway Day, organized by SewMamaSew, I’m going to give away gave away, one of my new cozy designs!
This one fits in with the whole theme of the day and is all about supporting handmade goodies.

Also, since I’ve organized another scrap swap recently I’ll throw some fun little scraps into the package too.

Simply leave a comment below! Bonus smiles from me if you say something nice.
Giveaway is open to everyone everywhere mail gets delivered until May 25th!

**WOW I have never had this many comments on one post! Does that make me seem lame? Oh well. I usually write out names on paper and choose one when I have a giveaway, don’t think that’s going to work this time.
It’s been so great reading all these comments, thanks for all your kind words. I love all the people noticing it’s a Timmy’s cup!

Some questions have popped up in the comments, here are some answers,
– That is not my sewing machine, sadly, it’s LAs and she took the photo
– You can use your cozy on tea. Coffee is evil (well in my opinion) but my cozies don’t explode when interacting with it or anything
– I’d love to include cookies with your cozy but not sure that’d work in the mail. They are yummy little gems with hidden chick pea goodness from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. I baked them for the photo shoot and they are sadly, long gone.
– Happy birthday if it was recently/is your birthday *please note that doesn’t mean you automagically win* sorry

I’ve been bouncing around all the other blogs and there’s some great prizes out there, and wonderful blogs. So happy I joined up this year, not sure how I missed it last year. Also really glad today was a holiday for me, it gave me time to click and comment!
Please feel free to add me on Twitter, follow me on Pinterest or come back again. I’d love to keep seeing everyone.

Tree tour show and tell. Wanna share?

I should have thought of this sooner, I’ve already started a 2011 “don’t forget to blog” list, but most people should still have their trees up and I thought we could have a show and tell.  All of the ornaments on our tree are special in some way.  They’ve been bought while travelling in other countries, or given to us as a momento of some occasion, or are handmade by me or the kids.

For years I would buy those plaster ornaments at craft stores and spend time painting them.  I’ve built up quite a collection.  This one’s my favourite.  Makes me chuckle every year.  I picked up about 5 when I found it and attached them to gifts and such.  It’s so silly.

Picked this one up while in Germany pregnant with Nate.  He was due December 26th so I didn’t really know when his first Christmas was going to be and most ornaments seemed to have a date on them.

Last year I picked up 2 little soldiers for the boys on Boxing day.  We were foolish enough to venture into London that day.  It was insanely busy.

Here’s my cute little Happy Sew Lucky ornament.  It turned out really well and I think I just might have to get a few more for the tree next year.

Sooooo if you’ve got some time and a special ornament with a story to share post a comment or, better yet, send me an email and I’ll post the story and a picture.