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The fabric love continues.

Isn’t this the cutest little print ever?!

Available at DreamingOfSewing.  I’m trying really hard to resist buying it.

Organizing galore!

Last weekend I procrastinated from completing some last minute orders by organizing my craft area. Time well spent I must say.
When Nate was born I gave up my sunny upstairs craft room to move down into the basement, known as The Man Space at that time. First I had 1 table and my IKEA computer desk/wardrobe thingie. Then I had to buy another table . . . Then piles of things started to form. Then because my husband wasn’t using his desk down here I sort of started to rely on that space, ironing and such. He wasn’t happy. So I’ve been hard at work purging and tidying and cleaning up so we can both have a much more workable space that isn’t an eye sore.

These are the pretty parts. I can’t show the rest of the inside of the wardrobe, it’s a bit of an avalanche of disaster. I took this advice and folded and wrapped my pretty and larger pieces of fabric onto comic book backings to make these little mini fabric bolts. It was $10 for 100 so they went pretty far. For some I used 2 pieces of cardboard just to give it a bit of added stability. Definitely one of the best little pieces of advice I stumbled upon this year. Beats stashing them in a fabric crush drawer!

Now when you look through the little windows in the top of the doors to the wardrobe you can see my lovely fabric, books and the basket looking all ready to go. Luckily the windows end before the messy madness can be seen.

Sorry for the less than stellar photos, I really need to crack the code about taking pics in my gloomy basement.

Stocking swap goodies!

Wheeeee!! I recieved my wonderful package of goodies from my stocking swap buddy on Friday.  Strangely enough, it’s not the first time I’ve swapped with the lovely Amy.  We’ve randomly sent each other packages before. We keep taking the same online classes and courses. So I just laughed when I saw we were paired together again.

She sent me so much fun stuff, here’s a glimpse, starting with this super fun necklace she made.

Then I got these cute frames.

Some fun bits and pieces of fabric.

AAAAAAnd all this fun stuff too!!

Amy you rock! Sorry I’ve been a bad swap friend and sent my stuff late. Don’t worry it’ll be awesome too.

How come no one told me!?

So there’s this whole obsession with 1930’s fabric for quilts.  While at the Creativ Festival I couldn’t resist picking up a . . . few fat quarters. I looooved these prints and the jelly roll thingie, which I have no idea how I’m supposed to use but I’ll figure it out.

Top trio is from Hamel’s Fabrics and the bottom stash is from Garden Thyme.

Then here’s the other things I picked up that are just fun really, not 1930’s ish.

First haul if from Sew Sister’s Quilt Shop in Toronto. I also had no idea just how many cool quilting shops are relatively nearby.

This fun stash if from Country Concessions. I plan to use it for crayon and car cozies, and the fun Dick and Jane print will be my ipad cover (once I save up enough to get it).

Here’s the neat prints I grabbed at the Quilter’s Palette booth. Again for fun kid projects.

Last one, I said there were many, is from the Quilters’ Line. More fun kid themed things, and some woodgrain because that’s just cool.

“Hi this is Heather Ross”

So I was giving Nate a bath, which is strange because I usually have both kids in there, when hubby brought me my cell. So I say “Hello?” while multitasking and the noise of a splashy bath is going on around me. “Hi Tara. It’s Heather Ross“, and I reply, “Oh! . . . Hi”. It was so strange.

She had a sale on September 15th, thanks Keyka Lou for the heads up. Somehow I actually remembered and popped online to fill out the little request form. Apparently she sold out in 2 hours last year so I figured it must be good stuff and I was going to be part of it. So I filled out a form and said I’d like odds/ends/scraps to have fun with. Somehow something went wonky with my form, hence her phone call.

So Heather says, “There’s a problem with your address on this form. It starts out with a house number and street name and then it says blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah California”.

“Oh” I said, “well that’s strange. Wait, it actually says ‘blahblahblah’?” I ask.

“Yes” she replies. Then she told me how her wonderful assistant was talking to her from behind his computer and said to her, “Hey this address is weird it says blahblahblahblah. . . ” and Heather said something like “Can you read what it really says? I might be able to help if I know what it actually says” Then he told her that was in fact what it said.

Guess there was something silly going on with the form, maybe because I said Ontario, Canada or something. I have been tired lately but I’m pretty sure, as I told her, that I didn’t actually type 12 blahs into the form. Good thing the phone number field worked. Now I realize I was on the phone with someone kinda famous, fabrics, cool items and books. She makes cool stuff.

Now to await my fun package!

Super cute kawaii contest.

Over at Spoonflower they’re having a kawaii fabric contest.  The wonderful Wild Olive has her fun bacon fabric in the race for first place.

Since I already own some it’s a given I like that one but here are a few of my other favs.  Click images to be whisked away to the listings.  Head on over to see all the entries and vote for the one you like best.

They’re all sooooo cute!  Wish I had a room just for fabric collecting!

Random stuff to share.

I haven’t really bothered to take any new pictures these last few days since I have no card reader to copy them over anyhow.  Which means tomorrow I have a truck load of things to snap photos of!  I’ve made a few really cute things and I need to add some items to my shop.  On top of that I still have a line up of cup cozy orders!

In the meantime I figured I’d share some things I’ve had kicking around but just haven’t posted yet.  The first is this awesome fabric I picked up at a Mary Maxim tent sale on clearance.  It’s really 50’s-ish looking and so fun.  I think I may tackle turning it into a quilt, with some reds, oranges and browns.  I think it could be really nice.

I also whipped together another pouch.  Sometimes I have what appears to be ‘beginner’s luck’ but I don’t realize it until I make the second item.  The first crayon cozy I made I used rick rack without incident.  Haven’t been able to pull rick rack off properly since!

Then I made the lovely Snow White pencil case and it all turned out beautifully.  But when I made this one something wonky happened at the zipper ends and instead of nice squared corners I have rounded ones.  It’s not that big of a deal but since I know it’s not what I intended it bugs me.

We had a street party today.  Everyone was invited and asked to bring a ‘ethnic dish’.  Some people brought family recipes from way back, some people (like me) brought things they’re good at making but either way it was all fantastic!!  There was waaaay too much food and a ton of desserts.  The kids all banded together to run about like maniacs from lawn to lawn.  While it was a tad cool, the weather was lovely, I just ran home to keep making teas.  I came in when the kids seemed pooped and got everyone off to bed before some TV and stitching.  Now I’ve switched to bed and lappy and it sounds like the party has switched to ‘now that we’ve all drank too much lets sing along to whatever song is on’.  It’s kind of funny, even with the window closed I can sort of here them, but they sound so enthusiastic and like they’re enjoying themselves it’s making me smile.

Scrap shopping!

Thanks to a post over on Keyka Lou I was enlightened to the fact that people sell scraps on Etsy.  Cute fun little packets of odds and ends of fabric from their stashes.   So off to Etsy I went to do a little search.  I think I got a little carried away.

I went to The Hey Day Shop and couldn’t decide between the 3 stash listings she had for sale, so I bought them all.

There’s even more listed right now . . must . . . resist . . .

I also went to Funky Good Stuff and picked up 2 bundles. It arrived yesterday and it was full of a bunch of cute fairy tale fabrics! Snow White, Little Miss Muffet, Goldilocks and Rapunzel, they’re all so cute.

Finally I picked up some cute bird themed scraps from Starlit Nest who has odds and ends for sale and even offers a subscription program that lasts 6 months of fun scraps arriving in your mail box every month!

Oh AND I had some fun ordering some cute fat quarters from Bytinster. There’s some really adorable stuff there right now! I’m loving these.

The rocking factor of my bff.

Oh it’s high let me tell you! She ordered some fabric from poppyseed fabrics on etsy and said a surprise was coming for me too. It finally arrived and today for our Tuesday night together she brought it out. It’s some beautiful Michael Miller prints. She ordered enough to make the Keyka Lou bag and some fat quarters.

These ones are for me *little happy dance*  Trees AND giraffes, I love it.

Now to find something I can make with them.

Thanks Lindsey!

A little while ago I entered The Great Fabric Stash Giveaway over at Living with Lindsey. She was cleaning up and ever so generously offered to GIVE SOME AWAY! for free!! It was an amazing offer. So I set my iphone to remind me of her post and while my 3 year old was getting his hair cut I was sitting and listing my choices and trying to scroll on a teeny tiny screen. Here’s a few of her offerings.

Amy Butler and Michael Miller no less!! Once I got home to my big screen I checked the comments before mine and it seemed all my choices had been spoken for. I was sad. But luck was on my side because I got an email and was offered one of the scraps. Lindsey was such a troopper packaging and shipping all those goodies to give away. Here’s a peek at all the work she had to do.

So sometime last week my fun little fabric arrived in the mail! I would have been happy with anything, but this colourful letterful print is super fitting for this crafty little teacher.